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Accepted Practices Exchange (APEX)

Developed by the Convention Industry Council (CIC), a global leader, APEX brings together the best minds in the events industry. Here in Australia, this translates to a valuable resource for everyone involved – event planners, venue staff, caterers, and more.


APEX focuses on creating accepted practices, which are essentially industry-wide best practices that function as voluntary standards. These address common challenges faced by event professionals across the board, from catering logistics to registration processes. By utilising APEX resources, Australian event professionals can streamline operations, boost efficiency, and ultimately, deliver exceptional experiences for attendees.

Partner with PUNX to Organize Your Events

Tired of event planning headaches? PUNX leverages the power of APEX to streamline every step of the process. From crafting clear RFPs to ensuring seamless communication with venues and suppliers, we make event management a breeze. Focus on creating unforgettable experiences while PUNX handles the logistics. Let’s elevate your next event together.