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Back of House (BOH)

The “Back of House” (BOH) refers to all the behind-the-scenes areas and operations that keep a business running smoothly. It’s the hidden world where the magic happens – where food is prepared, staff is managed, and logistics ensure everything runs like clockwork. Imagine a restaurant – the BOH encompasses everything from the bustling kitchen where chefs create culinary masterpieces to the organized storage rooms where ingredients are kept fresh. While the “Front of House” (FOH) interacts directly with guests, the BOH forms the backbone of the operation, ensuring a seamless and successful customer experience.

Unveiling the Powerhouse: The Back of House in Action

The success of any business hinges on a well-oiled machine, and a critical but often unseen part of that machine is the Back of House (BOH). Dive deeper and discover how the BOH orchestrates a seamless customer experience, from preparing delicious meals to maintaining efficient operations. Learn more and unlock the secrets of a thriving BOH!