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Explore Amelia Chronicles, an exciting gaming experience crafted by Punx Studios. Discover the game’s unique concept, gameplay, and potential for licensing and collaboration.

Target Audience ALL AGES
GAME CONCEPT Embark on an extraordinary journey to uncover a hidden chapter in Jose Rizal’s book using mystical glasses, decoding puzzles and interacting with its characters. This innovative adventure combines education and AI technology to bring literary characters to life.
VISUAL APPEAL Step into a meticulously recreated late 1800s to early 1900s world where every character’s attire and voices exude individuality, providing a richly immersive experience in a 3D environment faithfully crafted from the settings of Rizal’s iconic novels.
GAMEPLAY Traverse diverse landscapes at your leisure, where hidden pieces await discovery to unlock intricate puzzles. Engage with the AI characters for valuable hints to solve the mysteries of the game.

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Dive into the gaming world of Amelia Chronicels: The Missing Rizal Chapters by Punx Studios.

Whether you’re interested in licensing opportunities or creative collaborations, this game offers a thrilling and visually stunning experience ready to be explored. Join us in unleashing the gaming potential of Amelia Chronicels: The Missing Rizal Chapters.